Welcome to the website that began life as a way to document Zephyr Frank and Erik Steiner’s Winter 2013 undergraduate introduction to data visualization. Through multimedia galleries, any user can investigate the tools of digital data visualization as they are presented by local experts. This website is an archive of information about the tools and practices related to visualizing data in the humanities, arts, and sciences at Stanford University and beyond.

Support from:

CESTA (Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis = Spatial History Project, Literary Lab, Humanities + Design)

History Department, Stanford University

Contact Info for Winter 2013 Course

  • Zephyr Frank / brazilhistory@gmail.com
  • Erik Steiner / ebs110@stanford.edu
  • Katie McDonough / kmcdono2@gmail.com

Wednesdays. 12:15-1:05pm

Wallenberg Hall Learning Theater (Building 160, Main Floor) MAP